Hello Edinburgh!

We are a mother and daughter team with a combined experience in the magazine world of 20 years! In 2017 we launch our first Scottish lifestyle publication, 17 Magazine and after its success we are delighted to launch 19 Magazine in Edinburgh!

We are very similar, not only in looks but in personality and are passionate about many of the same causes. But we do have our differences and, on those days, we are colleagues only! For both of us our favourite thing about what we do is getting to meet so many incredible individuals, every day. We love to promote local businesses and help them to succeed.

19 Magazine focuses on the vibrant people, places and businesses that sustain our capital. The magazine’s content will strengthen awareness, trust and appreciation within the community, highlighting our most valuable asset, our people. It is designed cover to cover to be easy to pick up, difficult to put down, and impossible to throw-away. 

Meet The Team

Caroline Robertson


Caroline has worked in the publishing industry for over 16 years. She started her career off with a USA publication called 110 Magazine, working as the Sales Director and despite now living in Scotland for the last 4 years is still involved in the day to day operations of this publication.

In January 2017 she was delighted to launch her first UK magazine, 17 Magazine in the Forth Valley Area and is delighted that two years later is expanding with 19 Magazine into the Edinburgh area.

She is very passionate about her work, her love for the magazines and her confidence in the power of an advertisement or advertorial in her publications.

Sophie Robertson

Editor in Chief

Sophie is energetic and passionate about not only the magazine's success but the success of local businesses. Sophie has a degree in Communications and is delighted that her dream of working in mass media is even better than she had imagined.

Sophie has learned from the ground up in the magazine industry and her favourite part about her role as Editor in Chief is meeting new people every day.

Jill Adams

Book Columnist

Jill writes our fabulous book review column every issue. Jill is a full-time teacher who also blogs @thistlebooks/ @ontheshelfbooks. We met through issue 1 of 17 Degrees and she is excited to be part of the 19 Degrees family.

Euan Robertson

Wine Columnist

Euan has always been a wine enthusiast as well as a self confessed IT geek. He decided to add some theory to his love of wine. He currently holds the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) level 2 and level 3 qualifications. He is currently studying for the WSET diploma which is their flagship two year course. He hasn't made his mind up whether he wants to then study for the Master of Wine (MW) qualification of which there are only 380 in the world today. His mission is to encourage us all to try a new wine style wherever possible. 'Life is too short for just Sauvignon Blanc'.

Sister Magazine

Built on the success of Forth Valley 17° Magazine that has been serving its local community for almost 3 years.
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